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Fans from Uruguay complained about the discrepancy of the rooms in the hotel of Yekaterinburg with photos from

Updated: the hotel was informed that the guests could take photos in the rooms that are under repair. The publication, which reported on the complaint, removed the pictures from its article.

On the left: photo, on the right – the situation in the hotel. Collage

Fans from Uruguay Herman and Mauricio, who came to Yekaterinburg for one of the matches of the World Cup, complained about the hotel “Big Ural”, the numbers allegedly did not match the photos on They told about this to the local edition

The fans came to the game of their team, which took place on June 15 at the Yekaterinburg Arena. A week before they arrived in the city, they found the hotel “Bolshoy Ural”, and from photographs it seemed to them suitable. For two days in a room for four people Uruguayans paid 20 thousand rubles – 2.5 thousand rubles per day per person, the newspaper writes.

However, when they arrived at the hotel, the men “were horrified,” Herman said. According to him, the situation in the rooms did not match the photo, and other Uruguayans refused to stay at the hotel. Herman and Mauricio still decided not to cancel the reservation.

This is not a hotel, it’s a time machine! We are sure that Lenin was the last guest here. Honestly, every night I was afraid that a monster would come out of the hole in the toilet and eat me. The only plus of the hotel is the location, although we were lucky.


By June 18, the hotel page on presents the same photos as in the material Some hotel guests left negative comments with complaints about hard and old furniture, lack of hot water, food, as well as showers on the first floor when living in a room on the sixth floor.

Some commentators have previously complained about the inconsistency of the description of rooms on the Booking real rooms. One of them said that Booking sells “numbers that are not.” The hotel representative did not explain the situation to , citing the fact that she does not have the authority to do so. She said that the management of the institution will contact .

Last updated at 17:26: Deputy Head of the “Great Urals” Sergey told that the photos on the site are luxury and “retro-numbers”. Some “retro numbers” are under reconstruction and are not allowed to work, but they are open to builders, and photos of Uruguayans could have been made there, the hotel representative said. He explained that the administration had begun checking.

According to Sergei, there was no refusal from other fans, nor did anyone make any claims. He also added that the cost of living two people was 6,250 rubles for two days, not 20 thousand.

Photos with the cabin and so on – these numbers we have, they are posted on the sites, taken luxury, romantic and studio. […] All the rooms that are for sale, they are all photographed. When a person comes in and orders, he sees what number he is booking.

Photos in the article [], they refer to the numbers “luxury” and “studio”, but not to the numbers “retro.” And to compare – this is tantamount to comparing Mercedes with “Zhiguli”.

deputy head of the “Great Urals”

Last updated on 18:31: Collages with photographs of the hotel and Uruguayans disappeared from the material, which complained of inconsistencies. Clarifications and comments of representatives of the “Great Urals” in the text of the note did not appear.

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