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Everest turns into a high-mountain dump

Every year, a large number of tourists climb Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world. The amount of human waste on it is growing, and their size has already reached 12 tons per year.

In total since 1953 on Mount Everest was visited by about a thousand thousand Europeans. And each of them left garbage after themselves: excrement, broken equipment, palathes and other household garbage, like cellophane bags. Unlike landfills “below”, the left organic garbage at such a height does not decompose and Climbers will forever remain on Everest- the cold and discharged air interfere.

Nepal and Tibet are trying to deal with landfills on the mountain – they will encourage mountaineers to pay money if they bring the garbage from the mountain (including excrement). But this promotion system does not work so efficiently – the price for climbing can exceed $ 100,000, whereas for garbage pay only $ 100 per kilogram.

There is an international project Mount Everest Biogas Project , which came up with how to process biological waste into methane (you can support it).

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