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Cristiano Ronaldo opened a “frightening” statue of himself at the airport of Madeira

Users have already suggested that the sculptor who cast it could take too much interest in the strong wines produced on the island.

Rafael Marchante photo, Reuters

Captain of the Portuguese national football team Cristiano Ronaldo took part in the opening ceremony of a bronze bust cast and installed in his honor at the airport of the island of Madeira. The airfield was also renamed in honor of the footballer, who, according to local authorities, is the most famous native of the Portuguese region.

As the British edition Telegraph writes , the opening of the statue turned into a discussion on the Internet about its similarity to Ronaldo. According to some users, the face of the bust reminds more than the winner of the European Football Championship in 2016, and the English dancer and comedian Mark Berry, known under the pseudonym Bez.

“This statue of Ronaldo looks like Bez. And it’s frightening. “

The tweet suggested that the cause of the sloppy image of Cristiano Ronaldo could be the hobby of the author of the sculpture by Madeira – fortified wine, whose homeland is the same island on which the captain of the Portuguese football team was born.

“I do not know what you’re talking about, guys. I think that the statue of Ronaldo looks good enough “

Later, the British tabloid The Sun reported that the bust was made by an amateur sculptor, who previously worked as a cleaner at the airport of Madeira. According to Emanuel Santos (Emanuel Santos), the statue made for fifteen days was like the forward of Real Madrid.

In 2012, the authorities of the Portuguese city of Funchal, in which Ronaldo was born and raised, installed his bronze statue of growth near a museum dedicated to the career of a football player. Then commentators stressed that the sculptor paid excessive attention to the lower part of the body or simply took care of the “additional landing place for pigeons.”

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