Apple fined $ 6.6 million for blocking the iPhone “error 53”

The Federal Court of Australia ordered Apple to pay a fine of nine million Australian dollars ($ 6.6 million). The company was found guilty of blocking the iPhone for repairing the smartphone in third-party services – the device issued an “error 53” and lost its efficiency.

Nuance appeared on the iPhone running the new at the time iOS 9.2.1. If the smartphone was being repaired in a third-party service and the button with the Touch ID was changed in the device, then an error occurred and the smartphone turned into a “brick”. Apple said that once the device was handed over for repair not to official centers, then the solution of the problem is the care of iPhone owners.

The Australian court sided with Apple customers: people should choose which service they need to repair their equipment.

At one time, Apple promptly eliminated the problem, and the company then apologized for the incident: the Cupertinians said that “bug 53” should not have been in the user version of iOS.

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