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47news: FSB refused to give out bicycles to Croatian national team, fearing that “it will not steal” for players

The reason was the fear for the health of Croats after a meeting with local residents, the publication asserts.

Photo by Elena Rusko, RIA Novosti

The interdepartmental commission led by the FSB officer in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region refused to give the Croatian national football team a bike for training, the local newspaper 47news reported referring to sources in the “competent authorities.” According to the publication, the special services began to fear that foreigners “easily leave” out of control and will not receive the necessary protection.

At the end of last week, the management of the national team, located in the sanatorium “Lesnaya Rapsodiya” in the village of Ilyichev, asked for 30 bicycles for training players. The interdepartmental commission gave Croats only two bicycles, and the leadership of the team refused them.

Sources 47news explained that it is not a matter of saving, because it is “not the scale to look like a scoundrel in the eyes of guests.” The reason was the risk that law enforcement agencies will not be able to ensure proper control of 30 athletes on bicycles.

The idea to put police on bicycles objectively could not stand the criticism, because in case of what they are for the Croats simply will not steal. And to let a traffic police car run behind a column of traffic police is unproductive – if a part of the wards unexpectedly turns onto a path into the forest, the machine will not help.


Instead of bicycles, Croats were offered a swimming pool at full disposal, which is easy to control, the publication asserts. But the management refused and from the pool. “This, however, was the calculation,” – commented on the source 47news.

The national team is guarded at the highest level of anxiety, writes 47 news. Before each training the stadium in Roshchino is checked by dog ​​handlers, after the training the territory is sealed. The water area of ​​the lake, on which stands the “Forest Rhapsody”, is patrolled by boats. Law enforcement agencies also ensure that athletes do not “wander”.

How joking at the last meeting, if a Croatian football player local ruffians break their head in a rural shop, then all those who ensure the safety of the team will leave to guard the chess tournament in Siberia.

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