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Telegram sends a request to update old versions of the messenger

Service account Telegram conducts mass mailing of messages among users of desktop version of the application. The main requirement of the messenger is to install the update.

Unfortunately, you have an old version of the Telegram Desktop application, which works badly because of locks and can not be updated automatically. To update the application, download and install one of the following versions, depending on your system. After that, Telegram Desktop will be able to automatically update again. 

Attention! Never open files from unfamiliar sources. Please note that this message was sent by a verified Telegram Notigficiations account. 

If you use Telegram Desktop on other platforms, you can find the necessary files in the Telegram Desktop channel.

In messages there is a link for downloading the required version. Developers urge to pay attention to the distribution only from verified channels. Downloading instant messenger versions from channels that do not contain the appropriate tick near the avatar is very risky.

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