Motorola will heat flexible OLED screens to restore them

Motorola found a way to protect from the damage flexible OLED screens of its smartphones. The problem with the matrices with this technology is that after a few bends in the place of deformation, creases appear gradually. The Motorola patent found by a foreign press solves this problem.

According to the description, the creases only appear after a long time of finding the panel in a bent form. The built-in module will determine the state of the matrix. As soon as the display is re-deployed, Motorola’s proprietary technology will come into play.

The idea of ​​the company is that under the bending point there is a heating element. It raises the temperature at the desired point of the display, and so the panel straightens.

In parallel with Motorola, Samsung is working on a smartphone with a flexible screen. The timing of the announcement is not yet reported.

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