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Mexican fans brought to Russia a cardboard figure of a friend, because his wife did not let him go to the football

For many years they wanted to get to the World Cup by one company – and they did it.

In 2014, five friends from Mexico – Fernando, Mathieu, two Daniel and Javier – went to the World Cup in Brazil, where their team played. After the trip, they promised each other that the next mundial will also visit only together. In 2018, they fulfilled the agreement – but for this it was necessary to replace one friend with a cardboard figure.

Mexicans told Gizmodo en Español that they had bought an old school bus specifically for a trip to Russia and converted it on a trip. In the transport put beds, TV, and the corpse was sketched by references to the Mexican culture.

For a long time everything went according to plan, but at the last moment the wife forbade Javier to go to the Championship. Therefore, friends took with them to Russia a cardboard figure of a friend in full growth, and on his T-shirt appeared the inscription: “My old woman did not let me.”

Fans of the Mexican national team found a way to ferry the bus to Europe across the ocean, after which they visited Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Riga, Krakow and St. Petersburg. Everywhere with them was the cardboard Javier. For example, in bars.

June 15 bus with Mexicans arrived in Moscow: friends with their own eyes saw the victory of their team over the Germans in the first round of the group tournament. “In Russia, they react very well to us. We had problems with brakes, and we immediately helped, “- said Fernando.

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