Mars Curiosity made selfi against the background of a sandstorm

The Curiosity is continuing its journey through Mars. Last week, the device was near a stormy storm on the Red Planet and made a photo nearby. The user Flickr shared the photo Shaun Doran.

Another rover, Opportunity, is now not up to the Selfie: a sand storm was hit by an alien all-terrain vehicle. The Rover was stuck in the sands, and the batteries were almost empty – the sand grains flying around Mars did not allow the sun’s rays to get on the panel of the all-terrain vehicle. As a result, Opportunity has lost touch with the Earth, but NASA hopes that the rover will be able to revive.

The principle of creating a Curiosity Selfi without a “hand” in the frame is shown here:

Learn how Curiosity takes #selfies with no arm in the shot. Watch the full video about Curiosity's cameras here: #curiosity #selfie #camera #science #rover #mars #NASA #JPL

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Curiosity has been traveling around Mars since 2012, and Opportunity has been operating on the Red Planet since 2004.

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