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Football club “Amkar” from Perm closed after “Tosno” due to lack of money. Did not even help flash mob fans

“We do not have the financing, what is the point of accumulating debts?” – said the president of the club and the deputy from United Russia.

Photo of the press service of “Amkar”

Football club “Amkar” from Perm, speaking in the Russian Premier League (top division) from 2004 to 2018, officially ceased to exist because of the financial situation. The main sponsor of the team were regional authorities.

The situation around the team confirmed the “Sport-Express” club president and deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Perm Krai from United Russia Gennady Shilov. Until 2017, he worked as a top manager in Sibur-Khimprom.

We have no financing, what is the point of accumulating debts?

Gennady Shilov
president of Amkar

“Amkar” finished the last season in 13th place and reached the 1/4 finals of the Cup of Russia. The highest achievement of the team is dated 2008 and 2009: Permyaks took the fourth place in the championship, reached the Cup final of Russia and got to the Europa League.

The head coach of “Amkar” Vadim Evseev said that after the contract expired on May 31, he took the work book. “What kind of questions can there be for me?”, He noted.

According to the defender of “Amkar” and the Nigerian national team Brain Idov, the club had debts to the players. This was confirmed by his team-mate Alexander Ryazantsev, who was also promised to pay the money he earned.

In “Amkar” to me should for three months the salary and bonus for five games. Morally, I said goodbye already with this money, but still the hope is that it will close the debts. The president of the club said that he would try to pay them off.

Brian Idovu
former defender of “Amkar”

After June 18, 2018, according to the leaders of “Amkar”, the team will be disbanded, and the players will move to other clubs. June 13 the club did not receive a new license to participate in the Premier League, because it could not provide financial guarantees. Theoretically, the team could enter the amateur PFL tournament, but, as Shilov noted, he decided not to get into even bigger debts.

Representatives of “Amkar” ceased to conduct an official website and their social networks . Not long before the fans of the Perm team staged a flashmob – they began to publish photos with a hashtag # Zhiviamkar .

Fans of “Amkar” at the stadium in St. Petersburg before the match World Cup 2018
Fans of “Amkar” at the stadium in St. Petersburg before the match World Cup 2018
Fans of “Amkar” and “Kuban” in Krasnodar
Graffiti in Perm

The situation with “Amkar” has become the second big closure in Russian football since the beginning of June. The club “Tosno” from the Leningrad region also ceased to exist because of financial inconsistency, the team will be disbanded. In the last season, “Tosno” won the Cup of Russia and qualified in the League of Europe.

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