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Twitter users brought a homosexual to suicide because of accusations of Islamophobia

The artist from Indonesia was faced with a negative reaction to the comic book, in which he tried to talk about how to treat gays in his own country.

The artist faced not only virtual threats – someone shared a story with the authorities of Indonesia, not known for the most tolerant views on homosexuality. In the denunciation was disclosed not only the orientation, but also the name and home address of the artist. In response, he closed the twitter, saying that he was leaving and regretting his drawings.

Soon it turned out that the artist decided to commit suicide in order to protect the family from persecution by the authorities.

According to the family friend, he ate household chemicals and suffered severe liver / kidney / intestinal damage, which may not recover.
Earlier, the artist appealed for help to Western LGBT-uteyuberam with the request that they helped to highlight the situation, but none of them e replied:

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