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The site of satirical news The Onion entered the warpath against Zuckerberg. He has traffic from Facebook

The head of the social network has been for several days now – the main object of ridicule of the popular project.

The Onion Home June 15

Although usually The Onion writes satirical news about any actual events, without concentrating on any one topic, the situation has changed since June 14. Within a few days, the publication published at least 11 materials, deriding and criticizing Facebook and its leader.

On Friday, June 15, all four materials in the header of the main page (that is, the entire first screen of the publication) were devoted to Facebook or Zuckerberg and did not change all day, Mashable noted . A similar situation was observed on June 16, only the materials were different.

Home The Onion of June 16. Translation of headings

The materials of The Onion basically satiristically emphasize the shortcomings of the company and its leader, for which they are criticized for the last year: ignoring right-wing raging radicals, surveillance of users, the scandal surrounding the #deletefacebook and the desire to force users to spend more time in social networks.

However, the reason why The Onion launched a sharp massive criticism of Facebook, is not completely clear. In an official comment, On Onion editor-in-chief Chad Nakers said that Facebook is showing less and less news to its 6.5 million subscribers, and what the publication is doing is just the beginning.

We are hot followers of the First Amendment, and the free exchange of information is a fuel for the functioning of democracy. Facebook, the world’s largest personal data filter, has become an unwanted layer between The Onion and our readers. We have 6 572 949 subscribers on Facebook, who receive less and less content that we publish in the social network. Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly betrayed the confidence of billions of people. What you saw in the last 48 hours is just the tip of the iceberg.

Chad Nackers
editor-in-chief of The Onion

One of the published materials probably gives more answers to the question of the reasons for the sharp exacerbation of The Onion against Facebook. In the article titled “Daddy, I do not want to live in the world created by your site”, on behalf of the child Zuckerberg, social criticism is voiced: it gave an easy opportunity to manipulate the opinion of millions of people and destroyed journalism, as fakes and clickbates receive Facebook in more coverage than materials from trusted publishers.

Do not you realize how important free journalism is for preserving our democracy? Do not you understand anything in the Constitution? Jesus, daddy, did not you go to Harvard?

“The Child of Zuckerberg”
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