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“My brother is going to kill my wife”: public disassembly of Russian “domain kings”

Family drama live on social networks with the expected finale.

Pavel and Philippe Gross-Dneprov – perhaps the most famous Russian businessmen working in domain registration. In 2006, Philip, together with his partners, founded, which became the largest domain name registrar in Russia. As of November 2017, Philip owned 40.3% of, the service served more than 3 million domains.

Philippe Gross-Dnieper. Photo from his facebook

Pavel – Philippe’s brother, who calls himself a domain investor: in the spring of 2018, he even intended to sue the publication that called him a cybersquatter. In his facebook, he regularly talks about the “beautiful” domain names that he “caught”, which he subsequently sells, if the buyer is on them.

In 2015, Pavel Gross-Dneprov created the service Domain Parking. As of November 2017, he serviced about 190,000 domains – then Pavel completely sold it to for an undisclosed sum.

Pavel Gross-Dnieper with his daughters. A photo from his instagram

Until now, the public activity of Gross-Dneprovyi in social networks was mostly limited to the domain business, politics and discussion of topical news. For example, in the pages of Paul, it’s not even easy to find fresh photographs with his wife Victoria.

However, on June 17 on the page of Victoria Gross-Dneprovoy in Facebook there was a message that her husband Paul took his daughter Pauline in an unknown direction. “There was a message” – because in this story it is not yet known who of whose accounts publishes the records, but for the sake of simplicity of presentation it is necessary to admit that the owners of accounts do it themselves.

Victoria Gross-Dniprova. Photo from her page in “VKontakte”

Victoria claimed that the Gross-Dneprovs’ family was terrorizing her since the birth of her daughters, and after the incident on the morning of June 17 she was going to go to the guardianship authorities. According to the woman, her husband blocked her on Facebook and by phone number – but her publication with the tag still appeared in his chronicle.

From the publication of Philip follows that Paul took Pauline to his brother.

But the main drama began later. Victoria has published correspondence allegedly between Paul and Philip. Judging by the date of sending messages, it started on February 13th.

Why the correspondence is laid out in the form of photos of the phone screen, it is unclear – but later it was published and Paul in his Facebook. If he wanted to do this initially, he could publish it in the form of screenshots.

Judging by the dialogue, the blue messages are written in the name of Paul. In it, the interlocutors make mutual threats – “Philip” threatens the family “Paul”, he hints that the head of Alexei Korolyuk “will remove” Philip from the company after these reports.

In this case, “Paul” in the dialogue makes an open threat to publish fake messages on behalf of his brother, if he “does not remove the post.” Judging by the entry in the facebook of Philippe Gross-Dniprov on February 12, it was about the photos of newborn daughters.

The dialogue was signed by the name “F” and the phone number: it is really answered by Philippe Gross-Dneprov. However, in a conversation with , he said that the correspondence published by Victoria is a fake: he also drew attention to the fact that these are not screenshots, but photographs.

In a telephone conversation, Philip explained to that Pavel and Victoria had been trying to divorce for two years, his brother was a difficult person with problems, and he would not want to drag him into new ones.

Philip: Well, do you think these are my messages?

Philip: Well, I’ll turn the question over. If these were my messages, would I tell you about this?

: I think not, but if they were not yours, then you would have said and I would have received confirmation from you that this is a fake.

Philip: It’s a fake.

Later, “Paul” published screenshots of his correspondence with his wife: in a dialogue he complained that “Philip” allegedly came to his house, smashed the car and fired a pistol. In the pictures in the dialogue, damage was seen in the car: “Pavel” warned his companion that Philippe was going to her, and demanded “delete” – probably, it was about earlier records. In the comments he asked to call the police, his subscribers later wrote that they were worried about his life.

However, screenshots have suspicious features: they seem to have been made by Victoria, because the dialogue is called “Husband”, and published by Paul.

A few minutes after call on Philip’s phone on Paul’s page, a message appeared that his account was hacked. All previous records were deleted – however they remained on the page of Victoria.

On question, whether his wife’s page was hacked and whether she could hack into his account herself, Pavel did not respond. Updated : in the comments under this material, he explained that his account was hacked by his wife.

For all the time that the public conflict continued, Philip made only one record in social networks – with the refusal to comment.

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