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Owners of Tinder released a deytengovoe application in the form of a game – “championship” in the selection of partners

They believe that a large selection of people in Tinder can affect negatively – it seems that you can always find a better partner.

Match Group, which owns the popular dating service Tinder, has released the Crown application (yet available for iOS ). It was invented by the product manager Match Patricia Parker, who previously found her husband through a deyting application, writes TechCrunch.

According to the authors, modern dayting-services have two problems. First, there are too many applications, and secondly, there is an almost infinite search for partners in them. In the Match Group, it is believed that because of too much choice, such applications can cause dependency: the user is constantly svaypayut to find a better partner, and can not stop at someone specific.

In Crown, the mechanics differ from other applications – the search for a partner resembles a tournament grid. The user is given a list of 16 people in pairs, in each of which it is necessary to make a choice in favor of this or that person. The favorites pass to the “quarter-final”, then to the “semifinal”, so there are only four “finalists” – they are sent “husky”. If they click on the user (through a similar mechanics) in response, a match pair is formed.

Such a “championship” can be held only once a day – immediately go to the search for new partners can not. A selection of new potential partners appears at noon. According to Andy Chen, vice-president of the Match Group, the mechanic with the definition of “winners” encourages more to start communication, whereas in applications like Tinder, the formation of the match is not always the reason for the beginning of the dialogue.

Judging by the description, Crown is positioned as an analog of Bumble – the deuthing from the owners of Badoo, developed for women. Crown is run by a woman, the development team also consists of “women-millenials”.

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