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At the World Cup 2018 for the first time used a system of video replay for judges


Talks about her have been going on since 2010, and here in the match France-Australia for the first time was appointed a penalty after seeing the referee video replay.

At the 56th minute, the defender of Australians Josh Reedon knocked down the attacker’s area of ​​”tricolor” Antoine Grizmann. Referee Andres Cunha decided to apply to the video assistance system to the arbitrators (VAR) and, after watching the replay of the episode, decided to appoint an 11-meter. Grizmann himself successfully realized the blow from the point.

VAR works as follows. In the event that the chief referee has questions on the controversial episode, he must in the air to draw a rectangle in the air and run to the reserve judge, who has a monitor for viewing. At the stadium in a special room there are several video judges, a director and a technician. It is the video referees and the head judge who decide the fate of the episode, conferring on audio communication.

The match ended with a score 2: 1 in favor of the French. Goal Fields Pogba counted due to another technical innovation – the system of autofixing goals: a ball flew into the crossbar flew into the goal, but thence popped out of there, and only the cameras helped to clearly fix the goal.

World Cup 2018 was the first championship in the world, where the system of video replay was applied by the judges – but in fact, even in the match Spain-Portugal .

Talks about the introduction of video replay began in 2010 after gross mistakes of the judges at the World Championship in South Africa. Particularly discussed was the episode with the unsealed goal of England midfielder Frank Lampard at the gates of Germany. Then FIFA and UEFA decided to limit themselves to the next European Championships (2012 and 2016) and the World (2014) only by the Golline. Previously, this technology was used only at the Confederations Cup 2017 and the Club World Championships.


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