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AP: Former employees of Cambridge Analytica talked about plans to re-elect Trump in 2020

They already work in a new similar company, but they all deny it.

At least four people who previously worked for Cambridge Analytica were linked to another new, special-purpose political targeting company, Data Propria, the Associated Press reported . It is headed by Matt Ochkovski, who previously held the position of product director in Cambridge Analytica, and a former leading analyst of the scandalous company works in the company.

Two AP correspondents heard Ochkovski’s conversation, which took place in a public place: the head of Data Propria stated that he, along with the political technologist of the Trump 2020 election campaign headquarters, Brad Parscale “is doing the president’s work by 2020”. The fact that Data Propria has already begun work on the campaign for the re-election of Trump, confirmed one more anonymous source of the agency.

Before that Ochkovski claimed that his firm was not looking for political clients. When AP journalists told him about the essence of the conversation they had overheard, Ochkovski called his own words speculation and said he was ready to take on any available work. Parscal said that while the campaign headquarters-2020 did not sign any contracts with contractors.

Ochkovski and Pascal worked on Trump’s presidential campaign for the 2016 elections, in which Parscal was called one of the main media and political strategists. Parscal was appointed campaign manager-2020 in March.

Cambridge Analytica was at the center of the scandal after her former employees publicly talked about using Facebook user data without permission to target the political advertising in support of Trump. Because of the charges under the pressure was the whole company of Mark Zuckerberg, her actions temporarily sagged, and the head of the social network was forced to give an explanation before the Congress. Head Cambridge Analytica in the background of the scandal, resigned, and later the company closed.

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