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Ukraine will show World Cup 2018 in Russia, so as not to lose the right to broadcast in 2022

Otherwise, the country will also have to pay a fine to the European Broadcasting Union.

Russian national team at the 2018 World Cup. Photo globallookpress / RT

The National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (NOTU) did not refuse to broadcast the World Cup in Russia, so as not to lose the right to display the 2022 mundial in Qatar. This was reported by the head of NOTU Zurab Alasania.

Ukraine bought from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) a package of rights to broadcast the World Cup 2018 and FM-2022 in 2012, Alasania said. He did not specify the price of the package, as it is forbidden to disclose to “third parties”, but noted that it is “measured in millions of euros.”

In December 2015, after the Crimea joined Russia and the war broke out in Donbass, NTU reported about the possible refusal to broadcast the World Cup in 2018, because “I saw a threat of using the events of the World Cup 2018 aggressor country as an information weapon.”

In 2016, Ukraine began to accumulate debt to EBU, because of which the country could lose the right to broadcast FM-2022 and get a penalty for non-payment for rights and refusal to broadcast. To pay off the debt, NTUU sold broadcasting rights to NTN and Inter.

In May 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine discussed a draft law refusing to broadcast World Cup football matches in Russia, but could not accept it because of a lack of votes. The World Championship will be held in 11 cities of Russia until July 15. The national team of Ukraine could not get to the tournament, losing in the match of the final qualifying round in October 2017.

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