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Three thousand journalists came to the meeting of Trump and Kim Jong-un, but only seven

The rest sat in the warehouse and from boredom took interviews from each other.

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More than three thousand journalists from all over the world came to the summit of the US president and the head of the DPRK in Singapore . However, only seven were admitted to the historic meeting , the rest of the reporters were left in the media center, which looked like a huge warehouse with monitors.

As noted by the publication TechCrunch, it seems that many reporters decided that it was better to be in the center of events, but in the end they were engaged in work for which it was possible not to come anywhere. About three thousand journalists were sitting indoors, filming a meeting with cameras from TV screens and starting tointerview each other from boredom .

According to TechCrunch editor Danny Crichton (Danny Crichton), the meeting of the leaders of the two countries, although significant, did not require so many journalists for coverage. He believes that the main problem was the duplication of work: in such a large number of reporters at one event there simply is no sense – it is better to look for stories that have not yet received attention.

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