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The editorial office of Furfur named the date of restart and told about the temporary broadcasting without the site

The site of the publication of Furfur , which is part of the Look At Media holding, was updated for the first time since February 1. The editorial board issued an appeal to the readers, saying that it would resume work on April 3.

Furfur did not drown on the cruise yacht, did not leave the war with the IG, did not found an anarcho-primitivist commune in the Pskov region.

Yes, the best Russian-language online publication has not been updated since February 1, and all this time we were in a state of frightening uncertainty, but today we are finally ready to breathe out and announce: the journal will continue to exist.

edition of Furfur

In Furfur explained that they will not change radically, but they will correct the design and attract new authors and editors. At the same time, the publication will temporarily broadcast only in social networks. The launch of the updated site was announced at the beginning of summer.

At the renewed facilities we will continue to understand the tectonic shifts, bright and not very tomorrow, the actual culture and in general the most important thing that happens on this planet.

edition of Furfur

In the group of the edition in “VKontakte” also there were messages about the restart of the project.

In conversation with , the editor-in-chief of Furfur Alexander Skolkov announced his intention to launch the updated site in early June, but did not rule out a minor transfer of the date. According to him, the restart required more scheduled time: “It’s especially difficult to integrate with your tasks into the task plan of our developers, without which you will not start anything.”

The site we at some point froze in order to spend all the time working on a new concept and new ideas for materials, but social networks decided to still lead to cheerfulness within the team not to lose.

Well, too many readers write with sad reports – everyone thinks that the publication was closed. So I do not want to upset them, especially since it’s not so.

We will have some time to work on the launch, updating only social networks, and then we will open the updated site and thus completely return to the previous mode.

Alexander Skolkov, editor-in-chief of Furfur

Skolkov refused to disclose details of the new concept of FurFur, specifying that the work on it is completed.

There are no radical differences, but there are two months ahead of launch, and some things can change. Let’s leave this part of the news as a surprise, which will have to wait.

Alexander Skolkov, editor-in-chief of Furfur

February 3, it became known about the upcoming restart of Furfur. Then the publisher of Look at Media, Alexei Ametov, said that the new team stopped updating the site due to the development of a new concept and formats.

The last material on the site of Furfur was released on February 1. Announcements of publications in social networks stopped at the end of January.

The magazine Furfur appeared in 2011 as one of the subsections of Look At Me, which then covered a wide range of topics – from fashion to social and political life. In 2012, Furfur launched on a separate website. Later the project gradually changed the concept: from the male themes such as style and women, the publication began to touch on topics of security on the Internet, protests, media, LGBT and technology.

The publication Look At Me, another project of the Look at Media holding, froze on December 31, 2015. From this moment on the site there are published the collections of the best materials.

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