The American developer proved the wrongness of the supporters of the theory of flat Earth with the help of a basketball

What do you say to this, Maxim Ozherelyev.

Supporters of the theory that the Earth – not a ball, but a plane, it is difficult to convince the contrary. For example, the Russian schoolboy Maxim Ozherelyev called his opponents “sharo *** mi”, and the rapper BoB collected money for launching the satellite into space in order to personally verify everything. The main argument of the artist was that he sees a flat horizon.

But a 36-year-old developer named Jeff jokingly proved the wrong theory of “plane” with the help of a basketball and a camera with a macro lens. The ball in the experiment played the role of the Earth: an American photographed it so that a “flat horizon” appeared on the picture.

Looking at my photo, it’s easy to imagine a very small creature that could live on the surface of the ball. And from his point of view, the “horizon” will always be “flat.”


In a conversation with the publication of Bored Panda, the developer noted that he can hardly convince by his experiment the established “plane”. But an example with a basketball will help those who doubt which “camp” to choose.

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