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Look at Media explained the freezing of the Furfur publication by a future restart

The publication for the male audience of Furfur , which is part of the Look At Media holding, has virtually ceased to be updated. The project management explains that this is a calm before the upcoming update.

Judging by the main page of the site, the latest news appeared on Furfur on January 17 (the corresponding heading of the menu gives a blank page ). At the same time on February 1, the site published an interview, but it was not announced in the social networks of the project.

The latest announcements of the materials are dated January 23. In the journal’s microblog , since January 24, there are references to a project dedicated to yachting.

On January 30, one of the readers of the publication asked the “Club” Furfur why the project is not being updated within two weeks. There was no answer to his question.

On November 23, 2016, the editor-in-chief of Furfur Alexander Skolkov wrote that the project team tried to “revive it after a period of total nonsense” with a series of author’s reports. After that, on Skolkov’s page there appeared only entries devoted to yachting. On the pages of other employees of the publication there are no announcements about job search or news of the project.

In a conversation with , the publisher of Look at Media Alexei Ametov said that the project team is going to restart it.

We will update it in the next month. In general, the efforts of the team are aimed at developing a new concept and new formats, so [the site] is updated so sluggishly.

Alexei Ametov, publisher of Look At Media

Skolkov in conversation with also explained that the project team is discussing its further development, and promised to talk more about this a week later.

The magazine Furfur appeared in 2011 as one of the subsections of the portal Look At Me, which then covered a wide range of topics – from fashion to social and political life. In 2012, Furfur launched on a separate website. Subsequently, the project gradually changed the concept: from purely masculine themes such as style and women, the publication began to touch on topics of security on the Internet, protests, media, LGBT and technology.

On December 31, 2015, another Look At Media project – the Look At Me publication – was frozen. The site was not closed, but the rotation of old materials was included on the main page: as the management of the holding explained later, this allowed to partially preserve the attendance of the project.

In October 2016, Look At Media left his co-founder Vasily Esmanov. The holding continues to develop The Village by launching a franchise for regional media: the first such project is planned to be opened in Ekaterinburg on February 27, 2017. In addition, Look At Media includes a publication for women’s audience Wonderzine.

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