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“It’s somehow dishonest”: a 12-year-old Canadian with a height of 213 centimeters playing basketball with his peers

Considering that for the championship of his age they omit the ring – the guy does not even need to jump for the slam dunk.

On June 10, YouTube channel, which tracks young basketball players around the world, has a video about 12-year-old Olivier Rioux, a Canadian player from the Frenchy Phenoms school team. From peers, Riu is distinguished by its growth: it is already 213 centimeters, so the Canadian almost always turns out to be several goals higher than the rivals.

As an example of the game, a basketball player was led by a match with sixth-graders at a school tournament with a ring lowered to a height of 2.5 meters. Sports journalists who watched the video came to the conclusion that “it’s somehow dishonest”: Riu could score slam dunk without a jump and cover opponents without any effort.

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