In China, there was a special path for people staring at smartphones

Dependence on the smartphone can lead to unpleasant consequences. There are enough videos on YouTube when inattentive pedestrians hanging in a smartphone crash into passers-by, poles or fall into fountains. In the Chinese city of Xi’an, they decided to take care of such pedestrians and created special paths for them.

True, the first such track appeared at the shopping center. It is only 100 meters long and 80 centimeters wide. It shows a mobile phone, and it differs in color from the neighboring tiles. Nearby is another sign with a crossed mobile phone. This is already a space for people who are more interested in real life.

It is reported that this track was decided to install, since scattered pedestrians too often encountered drivers who park near the shopping center.

It is worth noting that in recent years, such tracks appear in cities around the world. For example, in Washington this was discovered in the framework of the experiment.

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