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“I sat for 3 hours, even did not bring the menu.” Users rate the Pacific Ocean in Google Maps

Did you know that in the Google Maps service you can put ratings not only to different institutions, but also to the oceans? For example, in the Indian Ocean, the rating there is 4.2 points. But the rating of the Pacific Ocean is falling rapidly , the users of Reddit found. Once he was more than four points, and now has dropped to 3.5 points.

What is so dissatisfied with Internet users (below orthography and punctuation are saved)? Alexey Mishin, for example, put the ocean one point and complained that he stayed there for 3 hours, but no one bothered to bring him the menu. And when it was dark, no one even considered it necessary to light the light: “A terrible place,” the visitor summarizes.

Another user notes that the ocean does not justify its name: “The most violent of the oceans. North-Arctic and even more quiet. “

Others, on the contrary, complain about the excessive silence: “It will be a little louder, I’ll raise the mark”.

But there are also quite balanced opinions with five stars. For example, Maxim Lyudvik is sure that the ocean justifies its name.

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