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Facebook’s vice president of communications announced his departure after several scandals with user data

As he said, such work brings pleasure, but also a lot of stress.

Elliot Schrage. Getty Photos

Facebook vice-president for communications Elliot Schrage (Elliot Schrage) announced his departure from the company. This happened after several scandals with user data, which suited the social network.

According to Schrage, he will hold the post for several more days until he is found a replacement – this was the request of Mark Zuckerberg. About who will come to this post, is not yet known. The former vice-president will be an adviser on social network projects.

Schrage noted that he enjoyed his work for all 10 years, but also experienced a lot of stress.

I had more than just a place in the front row on one of the main events in the history, I was right on the stage. This opened up exceptional opportunities and required responsibility. When we assume this responsibility, we can achieve great goals.

Elliot Schrage
Facebook vice president of communications

In 2018, Facebook was several times in the center of scandals. First it turned out that the company transferred 50 million people to Cambridge Analytica, then, that for 10 years it shared with users’ smartphones user information, and recently – that mistakenly made public the closed records of 14 million customers.

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