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Crime in the Mexican city of Enselada fell by 10%, after the police bought one drone

The police used a completely normal device from DJI.

CAPE photo

In early 2018, police in the Mexican city of Ensenada began patrolling the streets with the help of the DJI Inspire 1 drone. In four months, police made more than 500 arrests thanks to him, crime in the city declined by 10%, and the number of domestic robberies by 30%.

UAV helped reduce the response time [to threats] and also catch more people who are doing something illegal.

Jesús Ramos Avendano
Technical Director of the Ensenada Police

Over the past four months, the Ensenada police have an average of 25 missions using a drone per day, deciding where to launch a drone, based on calls in 911. The device was operated from a separate room using the California Cape software, which automates flights, including take-offs and landings. Any officer could have access to the image from the drone both from the cabinet and during the operation.

Cape CEO Chris Rittler (Chris Rittler) said that less than ten drones can completely cover the territory of a half-million city, such as Ensenada.

The most common reason to use a drone is to respond to an emergency call, when a drone can be quickly redirected right in the sky. Usually, he gets to the place faster than the officers and immediately allows you to get information about the situation.

Chris Rittler

Drones are increasingly using agencies in different countries: for example, in May 2018, drones DJI helped in one day to save four lives. Then the British police found the missing person using an infrared camera device, firefighters in Indiana dropped a lifejacket to the criminal who climbed into the pond, and the authorities of central Texas rescued from the river mother and daughter.

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