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Canada has arranged for the boy’s refusal to study at the conservatory. He sued her 350 thousand dollars

She was afraid to lose him, but they still parted in six months

Eric Abramovitz. Photo from the site of the Vandoorn Festival of Young Talents

The Ontario Supreme Court sided with the Canadian clarinetist Eric Abramovitz, who sued his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lee – because of his actions, he lost the opportunity to enter the prestigious California Conservatory for free. This was reported by thepublication BuzzFeed.

Abramovits sued his ex-girlfriend after he found out about her invasion of his email. Li’s interest was attracted by an e-mail with an invitation to study at the Colburn Conservatory of Music, a prestigious institution in Los Angeles, where one year of study costs 50 thousand dollars.

Abramovitz studied music from the age of seven and practiced playing the clarinet in order to enter free education in Colburn. By the age of 20, he had not only received many awards and participated in several Canadian symphony orchestras, but also became one of two people who, after a wide competition, were given the right to study at Colburn.

Eric Abramovitz’s graduation concert at the McGill University in Canada

Entering the Conservatory meant that Abramovitz would have to leave Canada for Los Angeles. And when Lee found out about Kolburn’s proposal (her young man entrusted her with passwords from her computer and mail), she was frightened of the prospect of parting. After that, she responded with a refusal to a letter from the conservatory and deleted it, and then composed for Abramovitz a letter refusing scholarship from fake email.

According to Abramovits, the fake letter caused him a shock and led to several “really gloomy, sad, angry days.” Six months later, he broke up with Lee – because “sometimes things got too tense, and sometimes they just did not add up.”

After some time, Abramovitz decided to try to perform at the University of Southern California (USC), where he also taught “refused” to him in the scholarship musician Yehuda Gilad (Yehuda Gilad). In conversation with the young man, Gilad said in surprise that he did not send any refusal. Abramovits then suggested that he was mistaken for someone.

However, a few months later, Gilad’s students confirmed to Abramovits that he had himself refused to study at Colburn. After that, he began his own investigation and after some time he was able to access the fake mailbox of Gilad, created by his ex-girlfriend, one of the passwords used by him.

The court sentenced Lee to $ 300,000 for “total damage, loss of reputation, educational opportunity and two years of potential earnings” at the request of the plaintiff. She was also ordered to pay an additional $ 50,000 for her “vile invasion” of her boyfriend.

At the time of the trial, 24-year-old Erik Abramovitz was a member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, where he served as assistant to the leading clarinet player. He also received the right to study at the USC, where he studied with Gilad, who auditioned for him, and started a new relationship: “I want to think that my ability to determine the character has improved a little since the first relationship.”

Eric Abramovitz with his new girlfriend. Photos from the musician’s facebook
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