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Artificial Intelligence created a film with an actor from the “Silicon Valley” in 48 hours

The computer was the director and scriptwriter of the picture, but the results leave much to be desired.

Artificial Intelligence Benjamin wrote the script and directed the film Zone Out, which was played by Thomas Middleditch from the “Silicon Valley”. The picture was created in just two days from thousands of hours of old films and actors recorded on the chromakey.

AI received full creative freedom: he thought out history and chose scenes from old paintings, which were imposed by actors. During the filming, the algorithm was present on the platform in the form of a laptop. Due to the tight deadlines, the replicas of the actors were partially replaced by an automatic voice.

The creator of Benjamin and director Oscar Sharp explained that he wants to fully automate the creative process of man. However, the picture created by the AI ​​consists of a set of dialogues, devoid of connection and meaning: for example, in one scene, the hero of Thomas Middleditch talks about sex with a can of salsa. In addition, the algorithm could not correctly replace the faces of the actors.

This is not Benjamin’s first film, in 2016 Sharpe and his team trained the algorithm on a hundred scenes of cult sci-fi movies and the computer wrote its own story, according to which the filmmakers shot the film Sunspring. The main role in it was also performed by Middleditch, and the picture even got in the top 10 at the London festival.

In 2017, Sharpe again decided to participate in the competition with a short film It’s No Game. This time, Benjamin thought up scenes of dialogue based on Shakespeare’s works, and Sharp related them with a story about artificial intelligence exploiting people to create a movie. The picture won the third place at the festival Sci-Fi London.

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