Apple patented the squeezing of a smartphone like HTC technology


On the Internet there were descriptions of Apple’s new patent applications. Judging by the information, in one of the future generations, the iPhone will be able to react to squeezing the device with the palm of your hand – thus, there will be one more control element for calling functions. The same system is found in HTC U12 + and Google Pixel 2.

Among other patents is a modified flash. In current smartphones Apple for the flash uses four diodes: two give a cold light and two warm. In the future, it is planned to introduce a different coating for each diode for better light distribution, and the system will adjust the brightness of the diodes depending on the conditions.

Another curious patent concerns indoor navigation. Once in the store, the smartphone will navigate through the sensors located in the building – for example, by placing it on different sections of the goods.

Also, Apple is working on protecting smartphones when it falls: a separate processor must calculate the impact point, and if the pressure in that area is too strong, then some component inside the device will shift the center of gravity and change the angle to which the iPhone will land. This technology is unlikely to be realized in the coming years.

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