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Yury Shevchuk urged German fans not to be afraid to go to World Cup 2018

And he assured that “in Berlin, London or Paris there are much more dangerous corners” than in Russia.

Photo by TASS

The leader of the group “DDT” Yury Shevchuk, who will speak at the opening of the football fan zone in Samara on June 14, invited German fans to Russia in an interview with the German newspaper Spiegel and urged them not to be afraid of anything.

You Germans, of course, are wrong if you are afraid to go to us. In Berlin, London or Paris there are much more dangerous corners than here. I declare with full awareness of my responsibility: in this sense, we are safe. Come, Germans, I invite you all!

Yury Shevchuk

As the newspaper notes, in Europe there is no common opinion regarding the visit of the Championships: the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel does not exclude a visit to Russia, and 60 members of the European Parliament demand a political boycott of the event.

Meanwhile, more and more football fans from different countries are arriving in Russia .

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