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With the departure of Klimenko in the Kremlin, there is no longer an adviser on the Internet. Now it will take the whole management

In the presidential administration will develop digital infrastructure, including – Internet supervision.

Photo by RIA Novosti

On June 14, Vladimir Putin signed a decree establishing in the Kremlin administration a department for the development of information and communication technologies and communication infrastructure. It replaced the Office of Information Technology.

Judging by the provisions in the decree, the new agency was created to expand the scope of Internet supervision. Earlier, German Klimenko, who was removed from his post , was engaged in this . According to the documents, the head of the department will be one of the deputy heads of the administration , but in the past, Sergey Kirienko was responsible for the Internet, and Alexei Gromov was engaged in mass media and television.

briefly retells the decree and gives you what IT management will do.

  • Provide Putin with operational data on how information and communication technologies can be applied. Including, on the legalization of crypto currency, telemedicine or 5G networks .
  • Analyze and study whether, in Russia, intellectual property rights are respected, and also to introduce new models of “media consumption”. One of the latest scandalous suits due to piracy is the blocking of the service recommendations of Surfingbird for using someone else’s text.
  • Develop provisions on the use of information technology to protect Russian citizens. This may mean both blocking content with the propaganda of suicide or ethnic strife , and the introduction of a system for recognizing faces in surveillance cameras.
  • Write bills on the use of modern technology, as well as help with their implementation in government agencies. For example, with a decree on increasing duties on foreign Internet purchases or when introducingblockage into the registers of documents.
  • Help with the introduction of electronic documents, digital identifiers and cloud technologies in departments. Probably, to return to discussion the bill on “gosoblak” , according to which all documents of state bodies should go to the cloud storage.
  • Participate in the execution of presidential decrees on the development of the digital economy and infrastructure, as well as their application. The decree refers to e-government and the modernization of systems that are used in the regions. For example, in 2017, the sites of regional councils and departments wanted to make it clearer and translate into English.
  • Assist special services, police and federal agencies, including Roskomnadzor, to interact with citizens, companies and organizations. It is not known whether the management will intervene in the Telegram blockage , which occurred at the request of the FSB.
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