Russia is focused attention, so criminal news will be silenced and inflated.

Photo by RIA Novosti
Photo by RIA Novosti

Since the beginning of June thousands of fans have come to Russia , who, of course, become victims of scammers or thieves. Many media outlets write about this, talking about problems with foreigners. In 2014, when the World Cup was held in Brazil, the crimes also happened, and their victims were including fans from Russia .

By the start of the World Championship large Russian publications concentrated on news about taxi drivers. There were three stories with the participation of foreigners or fans from other countries.

  • June 9 – in Moscow, Vietnamese forced to pay for a taxi to the airport “Sheremetyevo” 23 thousand rubles. The foreigner was locked in the car until he gave the money.
  • June 11 – in St. Petersburg, the Frenchman broke the skull in a taxi and took all the money.
  • June 13 – in St. Petersburg, a Mexican woman paid for a two-kilometer trip along Nevsky Prospekt 7 thousand rubles. The police began to look for a man who refused to release a cheerleader without money.

Many major media wrote about these cases, “Interfax” and put news about the Mexican, Business FM said about Vietnamese titled “Greedy taxi drivers already cashing in on the World Cup party,” and ” Komsomolskaya Pravda ” – a Frenchman with a fractured skull.

Such stories with taxi drivers occur constantly, including not in Russia, – in Google it is easy to find three more recent stories:

– ” German tourist paid 10 thousand rubles for a taxi from Pulkovo to the hotel “;

– ” 40 thousand tenge was paid by an American for a taxi from the airport to the hotel in Almaty “;

“A taxi driver drove a guest from Chile from Domodedovo to Moscow for 50,000 rubles .”

And it’s not that such news does not deserve attention, but at other times regional or small media, rather than federal-scale media, write about them.

Now that thousands of foreigners have come to Russian regions, criminal histories involving them are of interest to a large number of people. But because of this, the readers create an illusion: they do not know that taxi drivers are constantly cheating foreigners for large sums of money, and they think that Russia is “inhospitable” at the World Cup.

But there are also reverse stories: for example, the Moscow Department of Transportation asked taxi companies not to inflate prices for the World Cup and noted that passengers can file a complaint in case of fraud. In Rostov, several companies also said that they “do not plan to raise prices”, because orders will still be more than usual.

In a conversation with , Yandex.Taxi representatives also stated that they do not plan to raise tariffs, but will show more drivers on the line after the matches.

In periods of peak demand, along with taxis, we will try to bring as many drivers as possible to the line. They know that when the coefficient is formed, it means they can earn more: they are profitable to go out on the line. This is how the dynamic balance of supply and demand works.

the press service of Yandex.Taxi
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