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“The Incredibles 2” came out 14 years after the original and did not mess anything up

As a studio, Pixar coped with the cartoon about superheroes in an era when they were all tired.

June 14 in Russian cinemas comes the second part of one of the most successful cartoons studio Pixar – “The Incredibles”.

Editor looked at the picture in advance and tells why it turned out fresh and exciting, despite the fact that superheroes have become a stamp of mass cinema.

In 2004, the mass spectator looked at the comic characters without enthusiasm: he was shown a friendly “Spider-Man” and “Blade” with a rating of 18+. Nobody has ever heard of the billionaires of the Avengers, did not know Deadpool and did not think that such a movie could be a family entertainment. At the same time, the employee of the studio Pixar (already won the trust “Toy Story” and “Monsters Corporation”) Brad Bird dreamed of making a movie for everyone about the family with superpowers. Bird worked on the scenario of “The Incredibles” from the 1990s, drew gouache storyboards and voiced many heroes on his own.

Even when the studio gave Byrd the team for the project, the wait for the audience was warmed up carefully – the first trailer was released a year and a half before the premiere, and it did not use frames from the cartoon.

The first “The Incredibles” collected $ 600 million at the box office, won two “Oscars” and received the Golden Globe nomination for the best comedy film on a par with the Eternal Sunshine of Pure Reason. Such a furor had at least two reasons.

Cartoon Breda Byrd was the first for Pixar with an age rating, he raised important topics such as imperfect laws and responsibility for children. This is the longest cartoon Pixar, which was shot in an adult way: used movie plans or work with a focus, as in “Indiana Jones.” More details can be read in the analysis of the uniqueness of camera and art work in the film.

The second “The Incredibles” comes out a month after the new “Avengers” and has nothing to do with them. As if there were not these 14 years of space – that’s the plot starts a minute after the end of the original story. In the frame again runs a cartoon version of the “Fantastic Four”, the soundtrack of “Bondiana” rattles and there is not even a hint of the spirit of the times.

The original was adorably controlled with the aesthetics of retrofuturism – insane technologies like walking robots against the background of a typical American metropolis of the 50’s with no smartphones and Wi-Fi, but with pin-ups and propaganda posters.

The continuation was in the spirit of the first part, but there are a couple of references by 2018: electric bikes, nods towards feminism and a villain who laughs at videobloggers.

It’s worth confessing: if Pixar would simply repeat the chips of the “Incredibles” 14 years ago, most fans would have enough of this to be delighted. “Star Wars” and “World of the Jurassic Period” have already done so – check the fees. But the studio went the other way. First, “The Incredibles 2” is about the bytovuha of the superhero family, which neither Marvel nor DC has: we do not know if Captain America wipes out its form and how radioactive is Superman’s urine.

Secondly, the authors of the direct text criticize the viewer for their love of myths from comic books, pointing at the real superhumans – parents, teachers and policemen. Both topics are not so unique, but together they lead to ecstasy: again Pixar says without moralizing about eternal values ​​and human weaknesses.

Of course, the “Incredibles” had shortcomings of many cartoons: plot twists can be predicted, the stories did not come up again, but they altered the original, and the animation in the final act, whatever it was worked, surprises much less computer graphics in blockbusters.

But the power of the sequel in detail – the viewer will accurately remember Jack Jack’s fight with the raccoon, a team of asshole assistants and a couple of quotes from the main villain. And in general: a movie about superheroes, which best depicts the development of relations between parents and children, in 2018 – a rarity.

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