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The American asked the IT company to send stickers for his daughter. For four months typed a thousandth collection

Thus, the father introduces the child to the world of technology – in the future she wants to become a programmer.

Catherine Rabas and her collection. Here and further a photo from the twitter Carter Rabasi

In March 2018, the 8-year-old daughter of computer programmer Carter Rabasa, Catherine asked him for help – the girl had been fond of coding for more than a year and wanted to decorate her laptop with stickers from IT companies. A former employee of Microsoft and the author of the startup FizBuz decided that this is a good way to connect her daughter to the technology sphere – he asked several Silicon Valley companies to send stickers.

The message was quickly noticed by subscribers of Rabas, among whom there are a lot of immigrants from IT-sphere. Two days after the request, the family found the first stickers in the mailbox, and then letters from the developers with regards to Caitlin. Four months later, the girl’s collection reached one and a half thousand, and she and her father are invited to the campuses of IT giants.

Passion for Caitlin

Rabas’s daughter has been programming since she was seven. According to her father, during this time she gained a good skill in writing in the language of “Scratch” – it was invented by the developers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006. It is focused on the teaching of preschool children and school children to coding, therefore it is largely built on visual images. For the first time the girl learned about this language thanks to her father.

“Dear developers (the platform for sending SMS messages and calls to Twilio, the developer of solutions for receiving electronic payments Stripe and coding service Standard Library): my daughter Katherine is very pleased to be able to add new stickers to her laptop. I fully vouch for her coding skills in “Scratch”. Private messages are open if you need a mailing address »

In the first few days, the family was sent stickers only a few programmers, bloggers and start-ups, including the author of the streaming torrent service WebTorrent Ferossa ( Feross ) and the Neo4j service. The latter added to the stickers a book on the graphic database, spinners and a cover for the webcam to protect from intruders.

Katherine with the first sent stickers
Soon, along with the parcels, the girl began to receive letters: programmers and developers of start-ups wished her success and called for linking the future with coding. According to the father, Catherine read every letter, and shared the stickers with her younger sister Emily.

“Well, Keith Horwood and the Standard Library team have tweaked the tear scrap counter to level 11. Very kind and inspiring words for a young hacker. I can not wait to release my first API ”
By March 30, 14 days after the request of his father, Catherine had sent about 280 stickers, as well as souvenirs and letters. At the same time, Rabas announced that he and his daughter will distribute stickers to everyone at the Seattle Coder Dojo club for free – he is engaged in teaching programming for children aged 8 to 17 years.

Attention of large companies

In April, the wave of parcels continued: in order to count them, Rabas, Katherine and Emily each time poured the collection onto the coffee table. At one point the stickers became so much that the family created for them a catalog in the Airtable service . There you can specify the number, length and subject of the labels, so that if desired, it would be easier to give them to other children.

It was not planned or expected. We returned from school and almost every day found something in the mailbox.

Carter Rabas

In mid-April, the number of stickers has reached almost one and a half thousand. Developers of the interactive coding arcade TwilioQuest sent Catherine a box of gifts: inside the book with teaching tips, decorated trousers, packing flakes and a bag.

Catherine and Emily
In May, Father Catherine said that he visited with his daughters the main Amazon campus in Seattle. There they were invited by the former designer Apple Paul Kutsinger (PaulCutsinger), after learning the story of Katherine.
Catherine and Emily in a cafe on the Amazon campus

Following the Amazon, Caitlin was called to his former employer Rabas – Microsoft. The girl was introduced to a part of the company’s employees, allowed to test several new demo-tasks in “Scratch” and showed the studio, where the company shoots video blogs for developers.

Katherine, along with his father and a member of the Microsoft team

On June 14, Catherine received a package from Adobe Systems. In addition to stickers, t-shirts and a thematic pillow, the Adobe Photoshop team added gifts with an autograph sign and a call to the girls to continue programming.

The future is for women. You inspired the team Photoshop – women in the IT sphere are driving! The whole team Photoshop admires your Twitter story from your father. […]

Have fun! And keep kidding!

extract from a letter from the Adobe Photoshop team


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