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Teachers and students of different universities are expelled from the buildings because of the start of the World Cup in football

In connection with the World Cup football today was announced the evacuation and all without warning kicked into the street.

On the biophage of Moscow State University game. Suddenly, through the matyugalnik of the deputy dean of the AHCH Martynyuk announces a short day in connection with the World Cup and demands to leave the premises. Zashib: employees have experiments, work is in progress, and they are not warned in advance, so suddenly: “Get out!” @igmsu #noFanFestMSU

Population Stepan
@togofan on Twitter

According to the subscribers of the @msuthefirst channel, the evacuation is also carried out at the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Vernadsky and in the Capitol.

TC Capitol near the metro University
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