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Slepakov thanked Ramzan Kadyrov and accepted his invitation to Chechnya

The musician reported this in his instagram.

I want to appeal to all who have followed my recent work and are kicking around it. First, thanks for the positive feedback. Secondly, for negative comments, too, thanks – everyone has the right to think how he thinks. Thirdly, I am not a member of our team and always sincerely support the boys. Hence such emotions. It would be me do not care, there would not be emotions and there would not be a song. I wish them good luck and I hope that they will act with dignity (I wanted to write “I believe”, but “I hope” will be more honest). Fourthly, thanks to Ramzan Akhmatovich for his poetry and invitation to Chechnya. I think this trip will be an interesting poetic experience for me. Many poets came for inspiration to the Caucasus. Some after that even came back. I have nothing to fear – I’m still a long way from Lermontov. All good World Championship and just peace.
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