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Roskomnadzor suggested Telegram to rewrite the messenger architecture for compliance with Russian laws

Because in the current form, the service team can not technically transmit to the special services its encryption keys.

On June 14, the Moscow City Court considered the appeal of the official court representatives of Telegram in the case of the blocking of the messenger. Its reason was the refusal of the messenger’s team to pass the encryption keys to the Russian special services – because, they said, it is technically impossible.

At the appeal hearing, a Roskomnadzor spokeswoman said that the Russian regulator appealed to Telegram employees with a proposal to change the architecture of the service – so that they could still transfer the encryption keys and comply with the law.

The FSB and the ILV year tried to get Telegram to bring the messenger architecture in line with the law. We believe that any messenger architecture can be changed in such a way that Russian legislation is implemented.

representative of Roskomnadzor on the Telegram appeal
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