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Recognized as dead, a Japanese man returned a year later to his family

But who was cremated then?

In June 2017, one Japanese family in Tokyo announced the loss of the head of the family, who was little in 40 years. Three days later, in the eastern part of Tokyo, a body was taken from the Edo River, in which the spouse and relatives identified the deceased. Then the family cremated the body.

However, in May 2018, the family reported to the police that the alleged victim had returned home. Now the Tokyo police have officially confirmed this , not revealing, however, where he was and what he was doing all this year.

It turned out that they cremated another person who was already closer to 40, and he was practically the same height with the missing person. In Japan, if the bodies are obviously not victims of a crime, they are returned to families only after a visual inspection and without additional checks.

The police said they regret the mistake and introduce measures to prevent this in the future, and the cremated remains will be transferred to the “right” family.

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