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Police in Los Angeles began to investigate the case of ill-treatment of the creator of Marvel comics by Stan Lee

His manager is suspected of having established total control over his 95-year-old boss.

In Los Angeles, opened a case, suspected of which is personal assistant Stan Lee, 42-year-old Keya Morgan (Keya Morgan). According to the version of the investigation, the manager took advantage of Lee’s advanced age, as well as his sight and hearing problems, in order to establish control over him and his property. Morgan moved his employer from his own home and tried to isolate him from friends and relatives.

On May 11, Morgan was arrested for the false call of Rescue Service 911: he telephoned the rescuers and reported that there were robbers in his house, whereas in reality they were police officers and a social worker who came to check the reports on Lee’s condition.

In July 2017, Lee Joan’s wife died, and now his fortune is about $ 50 million. Morgan’s actions, the media and the police, are associated with attempts to gain control over these funds.

Stan Lee is the author and co-author of many characters in the Marvel universe – including Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Doctor Strange. In the screen version of the comics, he often appears in small but notable cameo.

Cameo Stan Lee in the “Doctor Strange”
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