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Who will die in the 8th season of the “Game of Thrones”? Murders, betrayals, theories and rumors from the set

Shooting the 8th season of “The Game of Thrones” is about to be completed. According to some reports, the film crew will open champagne in honor of the end of filming somewhere in the middle of June this year. Meanwhile, the extras and secondary characters now and again report that their work on the final season of the series is over and it remains only to look forward to its premiere in the spring of 2019.

The creators of the series claim that his final will be “incredible, fantastic”, and fans will be “very, very happy.” Continuation of the “Game of Thrones” does not have to wait, and the events of all tap-offs will take place long before the events of the current one.

Attention! If you are afraid of spoilers, then we warn that some fan theories below in the text may turn out to be true.

Seventh season of the “Game of Thrones” was completed in 2017. As usual, on the most interesting. If you did not watch that season, then it would be better if you do not read all the text at all, but we’ll still recall what the story stopped on.

What ended the 7th season

The book series “Songs of Ice and Flame” is known for its side lines. But the screen time for the creators of the series is limited, but because they have long started to put under the knife of some notable branches of the plot. What is worth only Keitilin Stark, which finally and irrevocably cut back in the third season of the series. While in the book The Storm of Swords, she was resurrected from the dead.

Unlike the book, from which the most inadequate twists and unexpected deaths of characters were expected, the series seemed to have decided on the main characters. With the kind guys John Snow and Deeneris, it seems nothing terrible can happen.

Nevertheless, the Mother of Dragons lost one dragon, but the new King was acquired by the King of the Night. The wall fell and the crowd of the dead rushed to the south. The characters of the series have learned the true origin of John Snow, young Targarien could well claim the Iron Throne, for which the pregnant Cersei Lannister is so desperately clinging.

Betrayal and Murder in Season 8

But the fans hope that after all the writers do not start to sneer with Dyeneris. For 7 seasons we watched as an innocent and proud princess in exile becomes a hard and at times ruthless queen. In the last season, it already burns people in a dragon flame! Will the destiny of the Mad King fail her? There are prerequisites for this.

It is assumed that John Snow is not just Targarien, but Azor Ahai – the promised in the prophecy of the prince, who fights with the burning blade Svetozarny against the Others. The trouble is that creating such a blade is not easy. The legendary hero Azor Akhai forged a blade of a hundred days and nights in sacred fire, and tempered in the blood of his wife: “Azor Achai pierced the steaming sword of her living heart. It is said that her cry, full of pain and joy, left a crack on the moon disk, but her blood, soul, strength and courage went into steel. ” To become a real Azor Ahai and defeat the King of the Night, John Snow will have to kill the Daeneris. Maybe.

Exploring the intricacies and intrigues of the series, the fans remind that Daenerys even in Quart received a vague prediction about the three changes she will have to experience: “one for blood, one for gold, one for love.” One of these changes could be the betrayal of John Snow, the other Tirion Lannister, who in the last season said in direct text that he did not want the death of his family. And given how much Deyeneris becomes ruthless, she may well decide to burn the capital of Västerås with all Lannisters inside. The actress herself claims that the audience will be aware of the aftertaste for a long time, when they find out what kind of Deyeneris is really.

In any case, Cersei will have a hard time in the last season, since the fortune-teller promised in the fifth season that she will be replaced by a younger and beautiful queen. And in the book cycle, Cersei was promised that her younger brother would kill her. Judging by the last season, this role is suitable for Jame Lannister, who went against her will. The murderer will once again burn his blade with royal blood.

All in the same visions in the House of the Immortals in the Quarta Deyeneris visited the destroyed throne room of the Red Castle. His floor was covered with snow, and the walls were destroyed. In the light of recent events, it can be assumed that the vision will come true.

Smerrushka threatens and Grigor Kligan, whom Sandor “Dog” Kligan long wishes to kill for all children’s injuries. Even in conscious age, Horus behaves quite “not in a Christian way.”

Varis, the queen’s adviser, also does not have a happy end. The red priest Melisandra promised to return to Västerås one more time in the 7th season, the last time. After all, she, like Varis, is destined to die in Västerås.

In addition, on the Internet with different frequency publish a possible scenario of the 8th season. At the same time, the events described in different versions can vary considerably, and therefore they should all be treated with a great deal of skepticism.

One of these leaks predicts that the dragon Deyeneris will die in the Battle of Winterfell. In the dragon settles Bran Stark, who will fight with the icy dragon of the King of the Night. Arya will put on the face of Cersei after her murder, and then she will marry the King of the Night, the Dayeneris for Tirion. In the Battle of Winterfell, all will die, and Bran will be transferred to the past, where he will build the Wall.

Leaks from the set

The 8th and final season of the “Game of Thrones” is being filmed in the conditions of the strictest secrecy: the sites are being updated with fences and huge walls of containers, for the drones in the district of filming they are fined 250 000 euros, already audited people are invited for the role of extras, who will not allow leaks. The geography of the survey is extensive: the Spanish Italica, the bay in Northern Ireland and Belfast.

Around the surveys and their locations, rumors are constantly circulating and suggestions are made about what is happening on them. Most often on the basis of some leaks or use of locations in previous seasons.

So, it is assumed that in Italy in May, most likely, day and night shooting scenes of battle near the Royal Harbor for the final episode of the series. The locals met in the neighborhood of Tirion, Bran, Samvel Tarley, Davos sir, Brienne, Jendry, Jaime Lannister, King of the Night. Of course, the actors performing these roles, but without their stage costumes.

But it is also not worthwhile to draw any definite conclusions from the flickering of the caste near the set. The fact is that the creators of the series are trying to let the fans on a false track and confused.

Under the gaze of the fans there is also the main film set in Belfast. Since April, they built a model of the Royal Harbor: green screens were mounted on the buildings, the Lannister flags were hanging, someone saw extras as Flawless and Dothraky, archers on the towers.

At the same time, many photographs show artificial snow. This means that the winter in the next season will reach the warm Royal Harbor.

The collected layout of the Royal Harbor by the end of May turned into ruins: pyrotechnics worked. Probably, the dragons will participate in the storming of the Lannister stronghold.

A dragon in the wall could leave a dragon

This site began to be used much more often, because it is very difficult to leave a real shooting in Croatia and Spain in secrecy, like the stories that take place on them. In Croatia, by the way, they saw the key characters: John Snow, who returned to the “non-royal” hairstyle, accompanied by the brothers of the Night Watch and Sersei with the royal guard and gold cloaks. But there are serious doubts about these surveys. Many people assume that the creators of the series are trying to send fans on the wrong track, conducting such shots publicly.

The most spoiler scene from these shootings is John Snow, kneeling before Sercea. Will he give up his rights to the Iron Throne to save Vasteras from the Night King? There is an assumption that the whole scene was specially shot in front of a well-seen loophole so that the paparazzi could capture it in high-quality photographs.

North of Belfast, in the quarry of Magheramorn, for almost two months there were filming, presumably, the Battle of Winterfell, which may take place already in the fourth episode of the next season. On the site was installed a huge green wall, against which dozens of extras swarmed. Eyewitnesses noticed three horsemen with burning swords – Azor Akhay’s business card. Episodes of this battle were filmed and in the woods near the village of St.field, which served as the God-Bearing Stark. The shooting was at night, the sounds of the horn were heard, someone saw the King of the Night.

It is assumed that in this battle, Jamie Lannister and Brienne will fight shoulder to shoulder.

Mountains of mannequins at the walls of Winterfell. Some have the Kraken emblem

But on the main scenery Winterfell was hot. Even in the winter on the set at night there was a fire. The whole castle was surrounded by fire. True, it is not at all clear who set the castle on fire: either the Dragon of Daenerys, cleansing it of the White Walkers, or the dragon of the King of the Night, burning all life. Or maybe this is the banal result of the human siege. Whatever it was, but Winterfell next season will be destroyed.

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