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What was the result of “Search” – the second film in the format ScreenLife, which takes place on the screens of gadgets

And what this format is waiting for in the near future.

Shot from the movie “Search”, Sony Pictures

June 10 at the science fiction festival “Starcon” three months before the start of the cinemas showed the picture “Search”. The production of the film was made by Timur Bekmambetov’s company Bazelevs (he himself was the producer), and the director-debutant of the big cinema Anish Chaganti took the tape.

All the action “Search” is deployed on laptops, computers or smartphones. This is the second film in the format ScreenLife after “Remove from Friends” in 2015.

Editor looked at the film in advance and tells how it turned out, as well as what the genre is waiting for further.

Bekmambetov came personally to present the picture at the “Starkon”. Before the show, he confidently stated that viewers would like “Search” very much, and asked not to talk about the main (and very unexpected) plot plot of the picture.

Apparently, Sony is also confident in the success, which decided on an unprecedented step – to show the film three months before the start in Russian cinemas. The picture has not even been fully localized: the interfaces and inscriptions were in English, but this did not prevent the viewing.

Creating the format ScreenLife attributed almost personally Bekmambetov, even calling it author’s. But this is not so: one of the very first, if not the first, a similar format was used by the creators of the series “Scene” (The Scene, 2004-2006), which talked about the life of Internet pirates. All the action took place on the computers screen, but in the corner one could see the image of the person who is sitting behind them.

However, “Scene” in its time was known only among a small number of users of file sharing and technically savvy professionals who were interested in how movies are on the network. Despite the unusual pitch, the series worked and was complete. He uncovered the main characters, developed the story and ended with an effective denouement, but it was hard to imagine what this format would grow into.

In 2015, Bekmambetov produced “Remove from Friends” – a horror about a few friends whose friend died, but soon “came alive” online and started writing to teenagers. The picture was one of the most successful in the history of cinema: with a budget of $ 1 million, including marketing costs, it earned $ 64 million at the box office – that is, it paid off at least 30 times. On payback the film shares the top 10 with the “Paranormal phenomenon”, “The Witch of Blair” and other famous horror films.

After that, Bekmambetov announced several more films in the same genre, including the sequel “Remove from Friends.” However, the second screen-life-movie will be “Search”. In the “Remove from Friends” unusual feed in the first place helped to frighten. Due to the fact that the action took place on the laptop screen, there was an incredible effect of presence.

However, “Search” other tasks: it’s a detective thriller with elements of a serious drama. This time the audience is not enough to scare screecher on the webcam – it was necessary and a good acting game, and a solid plot, and quite an interesting story to intrigue the audience.

Surprisingly, all this in the “Search” works, and the screen-life format only helps the picture: what happens on the screen is perceived from the first person and if you open your laptop after browsing – it will be a bit uncomfortable. The actor John Cho (“The Exorcist”, “Startrek”) played well the suffering father, who is trying to find the suddenly missing daughter, and the plot keeps in suspense until the very end.

In terms of interaction with technology to “Search” still have questions. For example, it’s hard for me to imagine that I left the FaceTime application on the MacBook almost all the time: it usually infuriates by constantly displaying an image from a webcam, even when you do not call anywhere. But this assumption had to go to the authors of both “Search” and “Scenes”, so that the audience could see actors a little.

In the rest of the picture it is difficult to make claims: it raises a rather serious issue of social exclusion and “double life” in the era of social networks. In addition, “Search” was a surprisingly good detective thriller, the clue to which it is interesting to search along with the main character.

After the end of the show Timur Bekmambetov held a session of questions and answers, on which he told a little about the future screen-life. In the near future, the audience is waiting for a whole line of similar projects.

It turns out that the producer conceived a whole film franchise, and in the development at various stages already almost two dozen projects, including the sequel “Remove from Friends”, “Profile” and “Dnyuhu!” By Roman Karimov. Also, according to Bekmambetov, his team found a way to speed up the post-production of ScreenLife-paintings (they were usually filmed less than two weeks and were mounted for about another year and a half).

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