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What user data collects Facebook

From the device’s charge level before using the camera.

The US Congress published a letter from the representatives of Facebook. In it, the company’s management provided written answers to questions that Mark Zuckerberg could not or did not have time to comment during the hearings in the US parliament.

The letter listed the sources of information that the social network collects about its users. According to the document, Facebook tracks:

  • time, frequency and duration of actions in the window with a social network tab (including whether it is open or in the background);
  • purchases on third-party sites;
  • installed in the user’s browser plug-ins;
  • mouse movements on the user’s device;
  • Use the camera built into the Facebook application;
  • metadata of photographs (including the time and location of the survey);
  • installed on the user’s application device;
  • the names and types of files on the user’s device;
  • Identifiers from games, applications, and other accounts;
  • Available disk space on the user’s device;
  • contacts from the user’s address book;
  • in the case of Android-devices – call history and SMS history;
  • closest to the user access point of Wi-Fi and cellular communications;
  • information of mobile and fixed providers through computers, telephones, interfaced TVs and other devices in the network;
  • about the level of the user’s device;
  • About the settings and permissions on the user’s device;
  • information and photos of other users, as well as the frequency of interaction and communication with them.

Facebook added that they can receive information about users from third-party companies. It is about the actions both online and offline, but it is not known exactly what – this company representatives did not specify.

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