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Thousand and One Ovechkin

In Washington, held a parade in honor of the owners of the Stanley Cup Washington Capitals.

June 12, early in the morning, the US capital turned red, and the city was flooded with thousands of Ovechkin. The procession passed on Constitution Avenue from the White House along national museums and ended with a concert at the National Mall in the neighborhood of the Capitol.\

10.30 am. In the block from the venue of the parade Near the National Gallery of Art. People took good places from the dawn Source: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Definitely, the main hero of the parade was Alexander Ovechkin: the crowd chanted “Ovi”, most people were dressed in hockey sweaters with a figure of 8, and some even offered Alexander to run for president.

Source: @nastyashubskaya
Source: Zach Gibson / Getty Images
Source: @GWtweets

In addition to hockey players, the parade was attended by members of their families, support groups, orchestras, as well as loyal fans of the team (for example, those who have not missed a single season since 1974). A total of about 15 buses with participants of the parade passed along the Constitution Avenue, and the parade lasted almost 2 hours, after which the team turned to the fans at the National Mall. Unfortunately, the floors were arranged in such a way that if you wanted to see the parade, you could not directly get to Alley in a block from the procession. So part of the fans all the same filtered out. Although, it seems, even during Trump’s inauguration, there were not so many people on the alley.
Address to the fans at the National Mall. Source: @capitals
Source: @themauricio

As in many other sports, here the victory in the American League is equated with the world champion. Source: @justcallme
As in many other sports, here the victory in the American League is equated with the world champion. Source: @justcallme
he city was walking all day. The bars filled with crowds from lunch and are still full. Visiting the parade for many was a good reason to skip work / school. In schools, for example, it is considered a cultural trip.

In general, everything went wide, colorful, emotional and friendly.

PS: In addition to the scale of the parade, the organization is striking. No traffic jams or parking problems. The streets were cleaned up in a second, garbage was not there for about 15 minutes. I will never understand the secret of American lawns: they were trampled by thousands of people, and they looked as if they had been lightly rained. Based on my own experience, I can say that fans of Capitals are much more civilized than fans of Philadelphia Eagles, who became champions of the NFL in February this year.

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