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The Japanese will be able to marry without the guarantee of parents from 18 years of age

The Japanese Parliament approved a bill reducing the age of majority from the current 20 years to 18. The law will enter into force from 2022 fiscal year, which will begin on April 1.

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The bill, for which, according to the NHK television channel , 169 out of 238 deputies of the upper house of parliament voted, it allows young Japanese to marry without the consent and bail of parents from the age of 18.

Currently, Japan’s law permits marriage for persons under 20 years only with the consent of the parents. At the same time, young people can marry from the age of 18, and girls from the age of 16. According to the adopted document, the age at which the Japanese will be able to marry will be equalized for both sexes.

Japanese, after reaching the age of 18, will also have the opportunity to personally issue credit cards, take loans in their name, receive a 10-year passport for traveling abroad, certificates for the right to operate a ship or aircraft and even bring an application for a change in the civil sex.

However, the new bill does not imply a reduction in the age at which the Japanese are allowed alcohol, smoking or gambling. As at present, the adopted document imposes a ban on these actions for persons under 20 years of age.

In late May, the draft law on lowering the age of majority was approved by the lower house of the Japanese parliament. Two years ago, the Japanese authorities also lowered the minimum age for participation in elections from 20 to 18 years.

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