The God of American Christians turned out to be suspiciously like Elon Musk

The American Christians decided to ask what they thought the god looked like. Researchers showed pictures, recorded the answers, and then compiled an average portrait. The results of the research were published in the authoritative scientific journal PLoS ONE . And journalists Gizmodo noticed that the resulting face is suspiciously similar to Elon Musk.

To study the prejudices of believers, psychologists from the University of North Carolina showed 551 American believers 300 pairs of faces on printouts. And they asked which face is more like the face of God. The received data and preferences were collected in a single portrait, which 400 respondents were called more courageous, attractive, intelligent than the face of the anti-god, which was collected from the rejected images of persons.

Psychologists concluded that their perception reflected their own ideological views and preferences in appearance. “People believe in a god who not only thinks like them, but looks like them,” psychologists concluded.

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