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The first buyers received flamethrowers from Elon Musk. And they already use them for other purposes

And this is only the first thousand copies – soon another 19 thousand will be delivered.

In late January 2018, Elon Musk began selling branded flamers from the company Boring Company. All 20 thousand pieces, which had to be called “Nebonyemoty” to comply with the laws, were sold in four days, but delivery was promised only to the “barbecue season”.

On June 11, the Boring Company held an event at its headquarters in Los Angeles for the first thousand customers who received the ordered flamethrowers. There they also put up a stand where the devices can be checked on a marshmallow on a stick.

The remaining 19 thousand people will receive flamethrowers later with delivery to the house. After the event of the company Elona Musk in social networks dozens of photos and videos from the owners of devices appeared. Basically, users just posed with the purchase.

Musk called the product “the safest flamethrower in the world”, which by power is more like a burner. On June 10, he published the rules for using “flamethrowers”: in addition to joking items like “not to use on the spouse,” there were serious demands – not smoking near the device, burning objects on the ground and not turning on the house.

The best way to use flamethrower Musk called cooking cream-brule. And some users listened to the instructions.

Other owners of flamethrowers with the device were preparing steaks and marshmallow.

Edition The Business Insider noted that some of the owners of flamethrowers ignored the rules of use. California Fire Service has already stated that they are concerned about the distribution of devices from the Boring Company in the season of fires.

Video blogger Justin Ezarik said that she accidentally burnt an artificial lawn in the yard, using a flamethrower for cooking.


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One user decided to light it with the help of “neognemot”.

And one of the owners of the flamethrower almost set his feet on fire.

But customers have an answer to criticism.

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