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Sci-Fi in Russian: how was the second contest of short films “Starkon”

Out of 70 works, only 20 films reached the final stage of the competition, and only 5 films were selected by the winners.

June 11 at the festival of science fiction “Starcon” in St. Petersburg summed up the competition of short films, which involved mostly novice filmmakers and debutants. Participants sent more than 70 works, of which up to the final stage the organizing committee allowed 20.

The pictures were shot specially for the competition: the heroes had to mention a few obligatory phrases, for example, “I’m an engineer, not a doctor” and “normal flight”, in every scene I had to show the symbol “Starkon” – a rocket, and the invented drink “Buran” . The works were to be performed in the genre of fiction and last no more than 4 minutes without taking into account the credits. The participants had less than three months to shoot.

The winners were chosen by a special jury consisting of different experts in the field of cinema: videobloger and editor Alexander Rybakov (YouTube channel ..And Action!), Directed by Egor Chichkanov; operator, director, and producer Sergei Valyaev, director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, producer Ivan Kapitonov, animation director Alexei Yurevich, as well as editor of “Kinopoisk” Tatiana Shorokhova and representatives of the Russian Union of Cinematographers.

They chose winners in five categories: the best short film, the best direction, the best camerawork, the best visual solution and the best original script.

For the victory in the main nomination “Starcon” paid a cash prize of 150 thousand rubles, for the best directing, camera work and visual solution, the authors received a certificate for practice in the studio KIT, and for the best scenario – practice in the studio QS Films.

In 2018, the competition was held for the second time, and the work was several levels higher than a year earlier. This time the vast majority of paintings, despite a small budget, could cheer, make you think and punch on emotions, and just worked like a movie.

publishes the works of the winners of the contest, as well as a complete shortlist of 20 paintings.

The best film is “Vocation”

Director: Maxim Kobelev, Murmansk

Description: The wife leads an alcoholic husband to the Research Institute of Rebirth, where they can make “not of man, but perfection” from him based on his skills and abilities. But this is the main problem.

The best direction – Streamer

Director: author’s collective ON / OFF, St. Petersburg

Description: Streamer provides its body to remote users for any purpose. He got tired of it, but we have to spend the last “stream”.

The best camera work is “Firmware”

Director: Vasily Zhitlov, St. Petersburg

Description: An elderly man comes to an interview for a large corporation, but to work there, you need to sacrifice your memories.

The best scenario is “Birthday”

Director: Daniil Bychkov, Moscow

Description: Father on the 18th anniversary tells his son who his mother was and presents an unusual gift.

The best visual solution is “Heritage”

Director: Alejandro Suarez, Moscow

Description: In the world of the future any creativity is forbidden, but it does not stop some.

Other works

“Who and what is invented”

Director: Nikita Lyubimov, St. Petersburg


Director: Vadim Zaitsev, Novosibirsk


Director: Ivan Kozhevnikov, St. Petersburg

“The simplest”

Director: Vladimir Gladkikh, Kungur

“Everything is allowed”

Director: Vladislav Pashkevich, Vitebsk, Belarus


Director: Renata Chernigovskaya, Perm


Director: Ivan Shilo, Ekaterinburg


Director: Sergey Darovsky, St. Petersburg


Director: Fedor Gruntovsky, St. Petersburg

“Our era is 318”

Director: Denis Zakurdaev, Podolsk

“The next”

Director: Vlad Kuznetsov, Moscow


Director: Vladimir Meishtanets, St. Petersburg

“A lonely samurai with a hockey stick”

Director: Yevgeny Deltsov, Moscow

“Dreams about space”

Director: Victoria Mulinova, St. Petersburg

“The photo”

Director: Oleg Solodyannikov, St. Petersburg

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