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Ronaldo with the caravan, Messi in Bronnitsy and Neymar on the beach in Sochi: football stars are mastered in Russia

And the main star of Russia’s rival was introduced to Kadyrov.

Graffiti with Lionel Messi in Bronnitsy. Photos of Sportbox

June 14 in Russia will start the World Cup in football – the country has already arrived not only the fans , but most of the participating teams. Someone during the tournament will live and train closer to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and someone – in Gelendzhik, Essentuki and Togliatti.

watched as football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah spent their first days in Russia.


One of the first to come to Russia was Portugal, the main star of which is the player of Madrid “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo. The team was greeted at the Zhukovsky airport with bread and salt, traditional outfits and the song “Moscow Nights”. The leader of the Portuguese team got the first piece of loaf – at some point Ronaldo began to amuse what is happening around.Similarly, met and other teams of the tournament. The attacker of the England team, Harry Kane, for example, gave a samovar.

And the Swiss team showed a small performance in Togliatti, where the training base of football players is located.

Swedes and Icelanders will live in Gelendzhik for the time of the World Championship.

The arrival of football teams in Gelendzhik became a topic for jokes in social networks.


After the arrival of the participating team, the 2018 World Cup dispersed to the bases and hotels. In some cities, some surprises were prepared for the arrival of football stars. For example, France trains in Istra near Moscow. The staff of the base for each player prepared a portrait on the door.

And in Kratovo, near Moscow, where the Portuguese national team lives, children’s photos of athletes were hung in each room.

In Krasnodar, for the arrival of Spain, graffiti of Captain Sergio Ramos was painted on one of the buildings. Later, the football player in his instagram thanked the fans for the drawing.

Beaches, press conferences and Kadyrov

Team Argentina during the World Cup 2018 is trained in the school of the Olympic Reserve named after Syroezhkin. The first open training of the team was sold out – Russian fans were eager to see Lionel Messi and other players. “The most beautiful moment, it turned out to consider the great football player – I’m zamaliruyu his autograph,” – told the publication one of the fans who managed to be photographed with the star of “Barcelona”.

Forward of Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, a few days before the start of the World Cup had time to go to the beach in Sochi with the teammate Philippe Luis.

And the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, who will play against the Russian team, metwith the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Liverpool striker was explained, that means the “Ahmat – force” crying, and Kadyrov presented the athlete as “the best football player in the world and the ideal person”.

The Panamanian team is not the strongest in the tournament. But for her is the most difficult player of the tournament Roman Torres, whose weight is 99 kilograms. At a press conference in Saransk, the journalist of the local newspaper “Stolitsa C” asked the player if he was in the way of playing against the weight. Torres in return showed a good physical shape.

Not all stories about the everyday life of football players in Russia – true. In social networks, the photo of the Spanish player Diego Costa, who allegedly tried shawarma in Krasnodar, dispersed. But commentators noted that in the picture, most likely, a snack taco somewhere in Spain.

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