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Report from social networks: Foreign fans in Moscow

Argentines, Arabs and Peruvians crowds in crowds under the chants in the center of the capital, and Muscovites shoot and join

The fans of Costa Rica. Photos by @mikhail_kirakosyan

The World Cup will start only on June 14, but football fans have already started arriving in Moscow. The first were the fans of Saudi Arabia, who will play with the Russian national team in the opening match. They were joined by Argentines, Brazilians, Peruvians and Egyptians.

On June 11 and 12 hundreds of fans came to the central streets of the capital – Nikolskaya, Lubyanka and Manege Square. Together with the local, they sang songs, danced and hugged. After that, the fans will leave for the cities where the matches will be held, but so far the Muscovites are surprised.

collected videos that were filmed by tourists and passers-by who got into the fan celebration.

Fans of the national team of Argentina
Fans of the national team of Uruguay
Fans of Egypt, Mexico and Saudi Arabia
Fan of Colombia and fans of Costa Rica
And so the Peruvians sing
Dances of Argentines
And these are the Iranians
Russian and Argentinian are changing T-shirts
Peruvians and Colombians in the Revolution Square
Fans of the Iranian national team from the State Duma

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