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Ramzan Kadyrov answered Semyon Slepakov

He liked the song and he invited Semyon to Grozny.

Ramzan Kadyrov liked the song, but he believes that it is impossible to criticize the team before the matches.

A listened, like a few million people, the comic song of Semen Slepakov about the World Cup. Not always, of course, we are fond of football fortune, but patience and sense of humor helps us to cope with this. I liked the song Seeds, I sincerely laughed, except that my word is harder than stone, not cheese. Do not think that we have a lack of sense of humor in Chechnya, because it does not depend on the place of residence. And Slepakov with a sense of humor, everything is fine, he’s ours, from the Caucasus. But only one thing is insulting, in spite of the fact that Semyon considers me a panacea, yet in his song the team, led by me, lost. This is a mess. I invite Semen Slepakov to Grozny, together we will write a new song. But our guys-players should be given credit – while we train humor, they train the will to win. Now they need our support before the Championship. And I do not lose faith in the victory, but also a sense of humor too. I believe in our national football team. I wish them victory in the Championship.

Ramzan Kadyrov
President of the Chechen Republic

And also Ramzan Kadyrov wrote the lyrics of the song “in the style of Semyon Slepakov”

And sort of like in the eye of your appeal 

The eyebrow is not touched, sorry, in shortening

You are responding to the humor of Ramzan Pro Dzyuba, Egypt and Parmesan. 

And my word is harder than stone – not cheese,

For the word I will answer – after all, I, brother, Kadyrov.

And my brother calls you from the Caucasus,

Must understand me, apparently, at once. 

And clearly lies in the answer of the stanza:

In the team “Ahmat” I almost FIFA.

They will give odds to any Pele,

Which you are waiting for in the Siberian village. 

Semenov and Pliev, the protector of Utsiev,

And in the attack Sadaev Zaur,

Well, like, everything is clear

Not a pun.

We are infantrymen for our country,

And the will to win we must bear.

And Sport is the World !!! – that’s what, brother, I’ll say,

I will support my Russia in everything! 

Ramzan Kadyrov
President of the Chechen Republic
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